Writing papers for academic and publication purposes

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Writing papers is pretty different from our daily blog posts. It is quite close to essay writing, but more standardized. You could stare at your laptop for a long time and not know how best to start your paper or even what to write. This is largely because writing papers is not majorly a function of instincts, intuition, or inspiration. When you write a paper, it is often purely for academic and research purposes. While this includes academic curriculum in school such as term papers and final year long essays, it is not restricted to those. You can also write papers for the purpose of publication on several journals and platforms available. In this class, we shall discuss writing papers for academic purposes in details – ranging from the structure to the research to the writing and several other things to know. This class will also be useful for writing for several online platforms where you necessarily don’t need to be as extensive as when you are writing a paper.

Writing for Academic Papers: Lesson 1
7 min
Writing for Academic Papers: Lesson 2
8 min
Writing for Academic Papers: Lesson 3
10 min

4.5 out of 5
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Writing papers for academic and publication purposes